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Reconnecting you with your food.

Image by Samuel Branch


Burke's Farm Fresh LLC is a family and veteran owned small business in Lewis County Washington.

Our emphasis is to reconnect you with your food. 

Our farm fresh products are proudly sold at some of the most upscale establishments in Thurston and Lewis county. As well as being provided to food pantry's and shelters through out the Pacific Northwest.  Burkes Farm Fresh LLC. can provide the finest quality Angus beef, Pork, Poultry, and Eggs  direct to your family through our farm to table program. 

We raise our animals by hand on our family owned farm. Our poultry flock is neither free range or caged. They roam the farm at will nesting at night in a 2000 plus square foot coop. Our egg layers produce year round due to locally sourced grains and feeds providing the highest level of nutrition and quality. We rotationally graze our cattle, moving them frequently to fresh grass in order to maximize productivity and minimize impact on the land. Our hogs are raised in a traditional setting utilizing the finest feeds and grains available. We raise market hogs in small numbers to minimize competition, and reduce stress improving their quality of life. 

Our registered Angus and commercial Angus cows, raise large fast growing calves; Which we sell annually in the fall.

Whether you are looking for grass fed, grain fed, or naturally produced foods. Our animals are raised by hand, in small numbers, individually fed, and given the best quality of life.  All Burkes Farm Fresh meats, are naturally raised, hormone, and GMO free. 

From our family to yours, we are proud to help reconnect you with your food. 

The Burkes. 

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